Haiti Outreach Mission

An update on our Haiti Outreach Mission work is now available.
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This outreach program, began in 1998, is dedicated to helping the people and children of Mirebalais, Haiti - a mountain town approximately 50 miles from Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

St. David's, along with other Catholic, Episcopal, and Baptist churches, provides health care, education, and other services with our partner churches in Mirebalais:

  • St. Louis Catholic, and
  • St. Pierre Episcopal.

Our mission team, made up of doctors, dentists, nurses, and lay people from the member churches as well as doctors and medical students from Port-au-Prince, visits Mirebalais once each year.

Contact the church office for more details or visit the HOM web site for overall mission work in Mirebalais.

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Here's how it works:

   1 - go to: http://smile.amazon.com
   2 - log on with your Amazon user id and password
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When you sign on to Amazon Smile, just under the Search box, you will see "Supporting: Haiti Outreach Mission".

Please use Amazon 'Smile' instead of normal Amazon to buy your items from Amazon as this donation process only works when purchases are made via Amazon 'Smile'.

2017 HOM team members from St. David's:
Kathy Grahamn, Dr. Dominique Matthews, Janet Ernst, Maureen Mahar

2017 HOM Mission Trip Video 


St. Pierre Episcopal Church