Christian service Brigade

Do you long for adventure, excitement, good friends and the opportunity to learn new skills – the answer is Christian Service Brigade (CSB to its friends).

St. David’s action packed boy’s group will begin its weekly meetings at 7 PM on Thursday, September 12th (meetings end at 8:30 PM). There will be many opportunities for fun and fellowship, including spirited games, participation in new activities, applying God’s principles to real life situations and friendship with a great group of guys who are looking forward to your joining them. Bring your friends; any boy from 9 to 18+ is welcome to join us for the meetings and/or the outings.

CSB ministers to the needs of youth in an action filled environment.  Activities include camping, canoeing, rock climbing, target shooting, snowboarding, gym overnights, x-country skiing, sledding, backpacking, and flying. 

Meetings are held on Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm and end at 8:30 pm.  The meetings include a variety of activities as well as a time for spiritual reflection, personal growth, friendships, and applying God's principles to real life situations.  Membership is for boys ages 9 through 18+. Parish youth are also invited to bring their friends to be a part of this program.

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If you have any questions, just give any of the
group’s leaders a call:

Jim Kenning 586-573-9886 or
Luke Litwinowicz 248-990-7962
Noah Litwinowicz  248-825-5707
Scott Veselenak 248-408-8440
Dave Veselenak 248-408-3323
Bob Losey 248-379-0229
Chase Russell 313-717-6785
Daniel McHardy 248-929-1220
Kwame Henry 248-602-9118
Kwesi Henry 248-320-0292
Quentin Campbell 248-646-7870
Chris King Chavis 248-890-1188
Alex Rienstra 810-515-9170

CSB Schedule:

Thursday meetings:
     fun educational activities, games, and fellowship 
      begins at 7pm and ends at 8:30pm

Planned Activities:

At the weekly meetings and on the scheduled outings, we will learn and have fun while joining in the many planned activities, including:

* Kick Off Thursday, September 12: Christian Service Brigade (CSB) will begin their year with fun, games and pizza. 

Print CSB 2019/2020 activity schedule

Sound like fun? Then come out and bring your friends.

Special Activities Photos

      View current photos on CSB's Instagram account