Adult Programs... Young Adults

Activities for young adults, with or without children:

- Young adults from St. David's are invited to take part in an innovative ministry called 'Lex Orandi':

This community of 20-something and 30-something people primarily gathers at a Sunday night service that is held from 6-8 p.m. in the Hospitality Center at Christ Church Cranbrook in Bloomfield Hills (about 10 minutes from St. David's).

The worship style is an eclectic blending of ancient and modern elements, with musical influences as varied as your iPod playlist.

Dinner and childcare are provided. For more information find Lex Orandi on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at Lex_Orandi.

- Starting Fall 2015:

Dinner Church
Are you looking for an experience of the holy in the midst of everyday life? Young families at St. David's are invited to come together every month for Dinner Church. It's about building community around a shared meal that we prepare, enjoy, and clean up, ourselves. And if the highlight isn't the friendships we make, it's certainly the sharing of bread and wine in Christ's name during the meal.

What Is Dinner Church?
Dinner Church is a way for young people to connect with one another over the preparation, serving, and enjoyment of a meal. Our lives get so busy that it's hard for us to make time to build friendships and to explore spiritual conversation.

Who's Invited?
Young families and friends of St. David's are all welcome. That includes children. We have the nursery and youth center open so young people are welcome to play as they like. Friends from outside the parish are always welcome as well because Dinner Church creates a very different atmosphere that may be more accessible for those who are not used to going to church.

How Does Dinner Church Work?
Each month, someone volunteers to prepare the menu then makes sure we have what we need for dinner. People are invited to arrive at 4p to set up chairs and tables, to arrange centerpieces, and prepare the meal. We eat when the meal's finished. At the end of the meal we celebrate a short liturgy of the table with bread and wine. Everybody's welcome to pitch in and clean up when we're finished.

When Is Dinner Church?
It's around the last Sunday of each month:
   Fall 2015 Schedule:
      - September 27
      - October 25
      - November 22
People are invited to arrive at 4pm to begin preparing the meal. It is served when it's ready. People can expect to finish no later than 7pm.

Other events have included:
 - Outreach at local hospital or rest home
 - Bingo Night & Dinner
 - Game Night with snacks
 - Easter Egg Hunt
 - Parish Picnic