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At St. David’s we focus upon building and nurturing the many relationships that have brought you to and will carry you through your marriage. This is part of our Christian calling in the world. 

It is a pleasure for us to celebrate your wedding and the following guidelines have been established to help you understand us.

We ask that at least one member of the couple be an Episcopalian, and that area couples without a home parish become active, pledging members of the parish community, with a membership of at least one year.

If you are planning to make St. David’s your church home, it’s important that we all get to know each other. Come experience our worship, fellowship, and community events. 

Introduce yourselves to the clergy and people of the parish.  As a couple, finding a church home is one way to build up the relationships that will be life-giving to both of you.  Our rector will be happy to share information about membership and pledging with you.

All prospective couples need to speak with the rector in order to initiate the wedding preparation process. The canons of the Church require that each couple preparing for marriage in the Episcopal Church must undergo pre-marital counseling.  Clergy cannot marry couples who have not completed pre-marital counseling.

If a member of the couple has been previously married, the canons of the Church require the permission of the Bishop to proceed with wedding plans. This process is primarily to ensure that the previous marriage has achieved appropriate closure, and that all concerns and duties regarding former spouses, the care of children, and personal property have been justly and charitably engaged.  This is part of the pre-marital counseling process.

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