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Vacation Bible School 2013

Each summer, St. David's conducts a Vacation Bible School program. (to see the 2012 theme and a short video, click here)

"Everyone Fun Fair: Where God’s World Comes Together" is the name for this year’s Vacation Bible School. It was held August 5th thru 9th, 2013.

“This year’s theme is, ‘Who is Our Neighbor?’” said Jane Johnson, who is coordinating the parish event with Kitty Kenning. “We will be under the Big Top as we explore five different countries.”

The carnival atmosphere will run through all five days of VBS, which will include time for Bible lessons, skits, songs, science lessons, crafts, and recreation.

Each session will begin promptly at 5:30 p.m. for dinner before the festivities begin, explained Kenning. There will also be skits, where children can learn about characters from the Bible. Plans include hoisting a tent outside on the church lawn for some of the VBS activities.

The purpose of Everyone Fun Fair is for children to “experience the love of Jesus, meet welcoming neighbors from the Bible, and explore the everyday life of neighbors from Japan, Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Mexico,” according to the VBS plan book.

Children will “discover five Friendship Phrases, or key learnings, that help them understand how to be a neighbor and follow the example of Jesus.”

The Friendship Phrases are: 
   Day 1: Neighbors are friendly! 
         (Love God with your whole heart!)
         Day 1 photos 
   Day 2: Neighbors are giving! 
         (Love God with your whole being!)
         Day 2 photos 
   Day 3: Neighbors are bold! 
         (Love God with your whole strength!)
         Day 3 photos 
   Day 4: Neighbors are forgiving! 
         (Love God with your whole mind!)
         Day 4 photos 
   Day 5: Neighbors are welcoming! 
         (Love your neighbor as yourself!)
         This is a special family gathering and dinner where the children will show what they have learned.