with Administration

Our vestry accomplishes lots of work in between monthly meeting through three commissions: Property, Administration, and Finance. 

Four vestry members are on each commission, however, membership is open pending commission chair approval.

Property Commission
This commission meets monthly and makes recommendations to the vestry regarding various property issues.  Handy persons are welcome to join us.  Contact the Junior Warden for meeting times.

Administration Commission
This commission also meets monthly to discuss various administrative functions of the church including personnel and office procedures.  Contact the Senior Warden for meeting times.

Finance Commission
This commission meets monthly to discuss the budgetary and financial dealings within the church.  Contact the Finance Chairperson for meeting times.

Stewardship Committee
This group reports to the Finance Commission and makes recommendations regarding the charitable giving of the parish as well as organizing the annual pledge campaign.  Contact the Senior Warden for more information.

Financial Secretary
These folk help us keep financial records.  Contact the Parish Treasurer for more information.