Evensong Prayer Service

An Evensong service follows the tradition of an Evening Prayer service in the Anglican Book of Common Prayer except that many of the service elements are sung or chanted instead of spoken.

The service will be patterned after the worship tradition called Taizé (pronounced: Tay-zay) which began in the ecumenical French monastic community of the same name (about one hour travel from Dijon, France).  It is a quiet service of meditation, reflection, reading, music, and healing.  Many of the music elements will come from music developed for the Taize and Iona Communities. 

The experience finds its true meaning in the active participation of all assembled by focusing and deepening our faith through the power of prayer to bring spiritual, mental, and physical healing. Therefore, everyone is encouraged to participate as the Spirit moves them, whether that be in song, prayer, or quiet meditation.

These days much of our modern, personal need is for entertainment. Our souls are “busy.” The liturgy that has developed around the Taizé community is primarily for the worship of God, but it is also meant to quiet the soul and to create a much-needed place for healing. This quietness does not happen at once, but gradually during the worship.

There is repetition in the words of the music, there are many periods of silence, and the readings are read slowly - all so that we may have a deep quiet growth in our hearts. Then we may be still and at peace in the presence of Jesus and through this stillness accept his healing.

The services are planned for 6pm on the 2nd Sunday of each month; the service will last approximately 60 minutes.

No services are currently scheduled.

For more information about the Taizé worship tradition, go to our Taizé web page.