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Christian Service Brigade

Do you long for adventure, excitement, good friends and the opportunity to learn new skills – the answer is Christian Service Brigade (CSB to its friends).

St. David’s action packed boy’s group will begin its weekly meetings at 7 PM on Monday, September 12th (meetings end at 8:30 PM). There will be many opportunities for fun and fellowship, including spirited games, participation in new activities, applying God’s principles to real life situations and friendship with a great group of guys who are looking forward to your joining them. Bring your friends; any boy from 9 to 18+ is welcome to join us for the meetings and/or the outings.

CSB ministers to the needs of youth in an action filled environment.  Activities include camping, canoeing, rock climbing, target shooting, snowboarding, gym overnights, x-country skiing, sledding, backpacking, and flying. 

Meetings are held on Monday evenings at 7:00 pm and end at 8:30 pm.  The meetings include a variety of activities as well as a time for spiritual reflection, personal growth, friendships, and applying God's principles to real life situations.  Membership is for boys ages 9 through 18+. Parish youth are also invited to bring their friends to be a part of this program.

Print 2016/2017 CSB Activity letter

CSB's first cabin outing information letter.

CSB Schedule:

Monday meetings:
     fun educational activities, games, and fellowship 
      begins at 7pm and ends at 8:30pm

If you have any questions, just give any of the
group’s leaders a call:

Jim Kenning 586-573-9886 or
Luke Litwinowicz 248-990-7962
Noah Litwinowicz  248-288-1413
Scott Veselenak 248-408-8440
Dave Veselenak 248-408-3323
Bob Losey 248-379-0229
Chase Russell 313-717-6785
Daniel McHardy 248-929-1220
Kwame Henry 248-602-9118
Mendy Mbidi-Glaou 248-797-5454
Ethan King Chavis 248-990-1656
Chris King Chavis 248-890-1188
Adam Mader 248-818-8577

Planned Activities:

At the weekly meetings and on the scheduled outings, we will learn and have fun while joining in the many planned activities, including:

*September/October 2016:
~ 9/12: Monday. Fun, games and pizza at the first weekly meeting, start at 7 PM and end at 8:30 PM.
~ 9/16-18: Friday to Sunday, Weekend in the Thumb. Come spend a weekend on the coast of the Saginaw Bay in a cabin near Port Crescent State Park. Cost is $40.
~ 9/19: Monday. No meeting.
~ 10/21-23: Friday to Sunday. Who says that summer is over, join your friends for a weekend trip to Cedar Point for their Halloweekend, all the normal coasters plus haunted houses. NOT to be missed! We will be camping in the local Sandusky KOA campground. Cost is $65.
~ 10/24 and 10/31 Monday: No meeting.

*November/December 2016:
~ 11/7: Monday. Whirlyball. Meet at 6:45 PM. Return about 9 to 9:15 PM. Cost is $10.
~ 11/19: CSB’s tentative first basketball game at Oakland University vs. Chicago St. Cost TBD.
~ 12/19, Monday: Christmas party. Bring $5 gift to exchange.
~ 12/26 and 1/2: No Monday meetings.

* January/February/March 2017:
~ 1/13-15: Friday to Sunday, Cabin Outing, try X-country skiing, sledding and tobogganing at the Island Lake State Recreation Area, near Kensington Metro Park, from 5:30 Friday night to about 1 PM Sunday. Cost is $50. Stay for the whole event or come and go as needed. The following Monday is Martin Luther King Day, which means no school for most kids.
~ 1/16: Monday, No meeting.
~ 2/11: Saturday. Snowboarding at Alpine Valley. Cost is $50.
~ 2/20 (tentative) Come SCUBA diving during a Monday night meeting. Come to the church early, about 6:30 p.m. Cost TBD.
~ 2/27: Monday, setup for the Shrove Tuesday dinner
~ 2/28: Tuesday, prepare and serve the Shrove Tuesday dinner.
~ 3/24-25: (tentative) Friday to Saturday. Overnight at Woodlawn, Friday PM to Saturday AM, cost is $25.

* April/May 2017:
~ 4/3: normal meeting is cancelled
~ 4/4: SCUBA diving event NOTE: this is a TUESDAY
~ 4/15: Saturday. Paintball at a local facility. Cost is $30.
~ 4/23: Sunday. Help set up for the SOS shelter
~ 4/24: Monday. Serve food to the SOS Shelter. Free and you get to join our guests for dinner.
~ 4/30: Sunday. Help take down the SOS shelter.
~ 5/6: Saturday. Skeet shooting at the Island Lake Recreation Area, break those pigeons. Cost is $20.
~ 5/15: Monday. Final meeting, with games and all the ice cream that you can eat. No charge.
~ 5/19-21: Friday to Sunday. An extravaganza to some of Michigan’s natural beauty in the southwest
portion of the state. Exact location and cost TBD.

Sound like fun? Then come out and bring your friends.

2013 Special Activities

      Photos from Island Lake Recreation Area cabin outing (January 18-20)      

      More trip photos coming soon

2012 Special Activities

Photos from September 2012 AuSable River canoe trip

      More trip photos coming soon

2011 Special Activities

Photos from May 2011 Backpacking trip at Sand Lakes Recreation area

Photos from April 2011 Trap Shooting outing at Island Lake Recreation Area

Photos from April 2011 Rock Climbing outing at Planet Rock

Photos from March 2011 Gym Night outing at Woodlawn Gym

Photos from February 2011 U of M Hockey game (vs Ohio State) at Yost Area

Photos from February 2011 Igloo building adventure

Photos from February 2011 Rifle practice at local firing range

Photos from February 2011 Snow Boarding outing at Alpine Valley

Photos from January 2011 Weekend Cabin outing at Island Lake State Recreation Area