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The rite of Confirmation is for all persons who wish to publicly affirm their mature Christian commitment. Reception is a public acknowledgment and welcome of a Christian person who has chosen to belong to the Anglican tradition of the Christian Church.  These rites are administered by the Bishop.

People who wish to join the Episcopal Church will often ask, “Should I be confirmed or received?” While such a question is best answered in conversation with clergy, a general answer would be: If you have been confirmed in the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, or Lutheran traditions, it is likely that you would be received. If you have never made an adult profession of faith, it is likely that you would be considering Confirmation.

In our community, the most significant liturgy for Confirmations and Receptions is our Easter Vigil, celebrated the night before Easter Sunday. Our Lenten Inquirer’s Class focuses upon preparing for this yearly liturgy, as a context for Christian formation. However, the Cathedral does host a couple other diocesan confirmation services throughout the year.

If you are interested in Confirmation or Reception, please notify the rector at